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Sejarah Judi Togel Online

Judi Togel Online become popular games? This is the forerunner and history. You need to read the origins of the game that has now become global. Online lottery is basically a type of bet where you guess a number of numbers to win.

In the early 20th century, most types of Judi Togel, including lotteries and sports betting. Were banned in several states of the United States and most of mainland Europe. But after World War II, lottery grew, then slowly began to be legalized. These gambling games are mostly run by state and local authorities.

This is because of the impact of the war that made poverty rampant. So many people tried their luck by betting on Togel Online. Besides, they do it as entertainment. Here we will tell you interesting information about the history of lottery. Which later evolved into online lottery. It turns out that this game has its origins since ancient Roman times.

Jackpot At Togel Online


The odds of winning the jackpot depend on many things, for example. The number of numbers that come out, the range of numbers drawn, the order in which the numbers are released. As well as the numbers entered. After the players guess the numbers that will be released, they return to the dealer to wait for the announcement.

This Situs Togel Online is said to have originated in Kedah around 1955. This is certainly evidenced by the many gambling games in Singapore in 1956. This is where the world lottery actually began.

But the forerunner of the lottery has been around for centuries. Some ancient civilizations held lottery games for a chance to win money, and get prizes. In addition, this game is also used to raise social funds, and fund the construction of settlements.

Types of Togel in Various Countries

On the European continent, there is a game similar to the lottery, and they call it the Bandar Togel. The origin of the term lottery comes from the Dutch word lot, which means ‘lot’. The earliest lottery can be traced back to the era of the Han dynasty and the Roman empire.

Lottery In China

An object believed to be a betting instrument was found in China. Dated between 205 and 187 BC, and the object is believed to be what is now known as a Agen Togel. The lottery is also believed to have been used to fund major royal projects such as the iconic Great Wall.

Togel In the Roman Era

Instead, the Romans organized lotteries where citizens could buy coupons and guess who the gladiator winners were. Gladiator fighters were numbered like soccer players. Residents who hold the back number of the winning player, are entitled to a prize.

Togel In Belgium And The Netherlands

Situs Togel practices are also held in Belgium and the Netherlands. But information about how the game is run, and using what methods is minimal. These lotteries continued into the Middle Ages and were called lotteries in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Togel In Modern Italy

The lottery or lottery is very popular in Genoa, Italy. Where people bet on which royal figure will be elected to the Supreme Court. At that time five people will be taken from a group of candidates. The candidate’s title is replaced with all the numbers, so residents guess the chosen character with a number.

Of course, the game is more or less the same as the current era. The practice of playing the lottery in Genoa continues to this day, and is known as the Superenalotto. The Italian Superenalotto today drew six numbers out of ninety in honor of the history of the lottery game in the city of Genoa.

Lottery In France


In 1539, King Francois I of France studied the Italian lottery during his reign, and organized it for his citizens. This game is known as Lottery Royale, but this game is very unfortunate because of high ticket prices and is only played by the rich.

This once caused civil unrest as residents protested the high ticket prices even though they also wanted to play. The riots resulted in the banning of this competition. Over the next two centuries, lotteries were more and more banned in France, although several heads of state had attempted to organize them.

Lottery In England And The United States

The lottery or lottery in England was first organized in 1566 by Queen Elizabeth I in order to raise money to build settlements during the occupation of America. Even the British State Lottery took 250 years to fund a similar project until 1826. Before it was discontinued due to parliamentary pressure.

New Era Togel Online

The Continental Congress used the lottery to fund their stronghold against the then-colonizing British. in the American revolutionary war. Because taxes were so unpopular, some states continued to use lotteries to fund public projects even after the war ended.

The people of the United States can buy lottery sweepstakes at low prices. They could buy them at gas stations or convenience stores, and many of them got rich suddenly because of winning prizes. It’s hard not to dream big when opportunities are so available.

Togel In Spain

Spain also has its own lottery, the first Spanish lottery started in 1763. The second most consistently held lottery in the world is the Spanish Christmas lottery, known since Loteria de Navidad. Held annually since 1812, it was surprisingly able to provide a large sum of money during the Spanish Civil War when it was under Franco’s fascist regime.

Lottery In Australia

After becoming the prima donna on European soil, the lottery or lottery reached territories around the world through extensive colonization. Australia’s first lottery took place in Sydney in the 1880s, but the government banned private lotteries. Thus, only the competent authority has the right to hold this game.

Lottery In Mexico

The Mexican National Lottery began in the late 1700s when the Spanish colonists did not use their wealth during the occupation. The probability of winning money is 1 in 302,575,350. With such low odds, why has this game grown in popularity over the centuries?

Alexander Hamilton, a famous gambler used a legendary word to conclude this.

“Everyone will tend to bet a small amount of money for a big profit and may prefer a small chance to win big over a big chance to win.”

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